Definition of huzza in English:


(also huzzah)


  • Used to express approval or delight.

    ‘someone yelled ‘Huzza!’’
    • ‘She won her case - huzzah!’
    • ‘His keyboard skills are to be saluted, and I have been promised a copy of his band's CD, huzzah!’
    • ‘I was pretty English-white when I got back, so I've burnt a lot, but that's tanning quite well, and my sexy tan line is back in action, huzzah!’
    • ‘The best Canadian novel about insects is back in print - huzzah!’
    • ‘It celebrates the day when Mexico signed their declaration of independence and threw off the yoke of British colonialism, huzzah!’
    hurrah, hurray, whoop, bravo, hoot, shout, shriek
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[NO OBJECT]archaic
  • Cry ‘huzza’

    ‘he huzzaed at the top of his voice’
    • ‘If this is all so, then huzzah for whichever presidents have selected the cheaper option.’
    • ‘Most of the time they seem to have gathered ‘in great concourse,’ huzzahed when appropriate, and gone home to illuminate their houses to show approval.’
    • ‘They huzzah as they reached the outskirts of Starla.’
    shout, cry, call, yell, roar, scream, shriek, screech, hoot, hoop, cheer, hurrah
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Late 16th century: perhaps used originally as a sailor's cry when hauling.