Definition of Hutterite in English:



  • 1A member of an Anabaptist Christian sect established in Moravia in the early 16th century.

    • ‘The 1870s migration included Hutterites, an Anabaptist group that had originated in Moravia and later migrated to Russia to escape persecution.’
    • ‘In this study of the Hutterites, an Anabaptist Protestant sect tracing its roots to 1528, an attempt is made to discover the qualities that have enabled their colonies to survive and thrive in North America.’
    • ‘The Catholic Church, The Lutheran Church and Reformed Churches of John Calvin and Ulrich Zwingli frequently charged the Hutterites with heresy.’
    1. 1.1 A member of a North American community holding beliefs similar to the Moravian Hutterites and leading a very old-fashioned communal way of life.
      • ‘In this respect, it is clear that we can learn much from the Hutterites.’
      • ‘For the Hutterites, it is clear that religion is the life-giving energy of their existence.’
      • ‘The Hutterites are effective in managing their adolescents, including them in family, work, and social responsibilities, and the young are able to meet the standards set by the community.’
      • ‘The Hutterites live in communally owned agricultural enclaves, mostly in the upper Midwest.’
      • ‘And in the fall, you can buy 50 pounds of onions from the Hutterites, which will keep, if stored properly, all winter.’


  • Relating to Hutterites or their beliefs.

    ‘the local Hutterite colony’
    • ‘Many generous individuals, churches, and Hutterite colonies donated sows and cash.’
    • ‘There are changes occurring in the traditional world of the Hutterite colony.’
    • ‘I asked him if he expected that Hutterite colonies - over 300 of which are in existence today - will survive in the future.’
    • ‘They found that 95 percent of Hutterite children opt to remain in those communal agricultural societies.’
    • ‘Let me initially share some observations regarding family life in a Hutterite colony.’


From the name of Jacob Hutter (died 1536), a Moravian Anabaptist, + -ite.