Definition of hutch in English:



  • 1A box or cage, typically with a wire mesh front, for keeping rabbits or other small domesticated animals.

    ‘a rabbit hutch’
    • ‘The best method for a small garden is to have a few in a movable hutch and to move it around the lawn every day.’
    • ‘In my experience before that, bunnies were either ignored pets left in the backyard hutch or a delicious meal.’
    • ‘Immediately behind this is the kitchen garden, with still-existing hutches for rabbits, fowls and pigeons.’
    • ‘A parking ticket slapped on a rabbit hutch was named as the most ridiculous fine in Britain.’
    • ‘Councillors voted to give the owner one month to remove the sheds, rabbit hutches, chicken run and an exercise area for her horses.’
    • ‘Along the way, the process of domestication began by keeping rabbits in hutches for breeding and meat production.’
    • ‘We have also been using newspapers and magazines to line the bottom of the rabbit hutch.’
    • ‘He said outdoor displays added vibrancy to the streets, and the rabbit hutches and bird tables he put outside his store did not cause any obstruction.’
    • ‘As well as poultry sheds, they make everything from rabbit hutches and dog kennels to smaller homes for hamsters and ferrets.’
    • ‘She was a little surprised that the man didn't say anything; only the clatter of the rabbits in the hutch could be heard.’
    • ‘They did not use compost, but they often placed their garden near the pigpen, chicken yard, or rabbit hutches so that these animals could convert less palatable garden produce into manure.’
    • ‘Rabbit hutches had been dragged from under the kitchen window onto the lawn and their doors ripped from their hinges.’
    • ‘These duvets can also be used to insulate rabbit and guinea pig hutches.’
    • ‘Beside the stairs, there was a wooden hutch filled with sleeping chickens and slumbering geese.’
    • ‘It is believed that the intruders climbed over the wall of the back garden then snatched the rabbit from its hutch.’
    • ‘Start your search for rabbits, hutches and supplies at the local farm supply store.’
    • ‘Other outbuildings may include a rabbit hutch, a barn, and a separate structure where a hog is kept and fattened.’
    • ‘Remember, the hospice only has use for good, clean items, not dirty rabbit hutches and bird cages or other items which should go to the council tip.’
    • ‘They should have a rabbit hutch and a place for them to run.’
    • ‘This culminated in an argument over the cleaning of a rabbit hutch.’
    enclosure, pen, pound
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  • 2North American A storage chest.

    • ‘Inside was a tiny room which held a custom made bunk bed, bookshelf, a small desk and a wooden hutch which was filled with potions, dusty books, candles and three jet black photo albums.’
    • ‘Colorfully painted computer desks with attached hutches and printer stands offer necessary work areas and storage for school essentials.’
    • ‘Stencil flowers and butterflies on a drab storage chest for garden tools or create depth and texture on an old hutch with some paint and a sponge.’
    • ‘These hutches are 30 inches by 36 inches and cost $20 to $35 each.’
    1. 2.1 A cupboard or dresser.
      • ‘He was taken with the rows of pigeonholes and small drawers in the hutch along the back of it.’
      • ‘At this point I had already dusted the coffee table, as well as the TV table, and a hutch.’
      • ‘For rustic country decor in the kitchen, use open shelves, hutches, buffets, plate racks and cupboards for storage.’
      • ‘Inside, the house is decorated simply: a table with a flowery cloth and a vase of flowers, a hutch with little spice bottles and a futon for sitting or sleeping.’
      • ‘I went through the shelves in my hutch that stood beside my couch.’


Middle English: from Old French huche, from medieval Latin hutica, of unknown origin. The original sense was ‘storage chest’, surviving in North American usage ( hutch (sense 2)).