Definition of hut-keeper in English:



  • A person managing a hut occupying a group of convicts set to work on a farm.

    ‘he was the hut-keeper on the Dry Swamp station’
    • ‘Hut keepers themselves were guilty of appalling cruelty.’
    • ‘The hut-keeper kills the household meat, and gathers and cuts wood for the fires.’
    • ‘I was at his station at Myall Creek, as hut-keeper.’
    • ‘The hut-keeper, convulsed with laughter, rejoiced at the success of his stratagem.’
    • ‘I heard his cry, and, turning, saw him fall into the arms of the hut-keeper.’
    • ‘Did you ever know a hut-keeper cook for sixty shearers?’
    • ‘Sometime after this the hut keeper on the station fell a victim to the treachery and revenge of the natives.’
    • ‘The hut-keepers seldom attempt to raise vegetables.’
    • ‘The hut-keeper came forward, and said he would shoot me if I would not stop immediately.’
    • ‘Most shepherds count their sheep out once a week, unless they have any suspicion that the hut-keeper is carrying on foul play.’