Definition of Hussite in English:



  • A member or follower of the religious movement begun by John Huss. After Huss's execution the Hussites took up arms against the Holy Roman Empire and demanded a set of reforms that anticipated the Reformation. Most of the demands were granted (1436), and a Church was established that remained independent of the Roman Catholic Church until 1620.

    • ‘Both the English Lollards and the Bohemian Hussites were condemned as heretical for their popular condemnation of the sale of indulgences, calls for vernacular translations of the Bible, and free preaching of the gospel.’
    • ‘The Hussites helped to pave the way for the Protestant Reformation.’
    • ‘It also relied on ruthless suppression or marginalization of those whom it deemed deviants, such as Jews, Cathars, and Hussites.’
    • ‘A compromise between the Hussites and the Catholic Church was not reached until 1436.’
    • ‘After the Catholics under the Holy Roman Emperor Sigismund began suppressing the Hussites, Zizka went from Prague to the Hussite stronghold of Tabor and helped organize their army.’


  • Relating to the Hussites.

    ‘the Hussite Church’
    • ‘In later remarks he called the symposium a ‘significant’ move toward improving relations between Catholics and the Protestant Hussite tradition.’
    • ‘Nothing could compare with it in geographical breadth or sociological range, certainly not the Hussite revolution of the fifteenth century that was its nearest historical analogue.’
    • ‘There had been some relief, in 1939, that the Slovaks had escaped from the Hussite clutches of Prague.’
    • ‘This church and the reinvigorated Czech Protestants looked to the Hussite legacy for inspiration.’
    • ‘The opening ceremony will form part of the international Tabor festival where each year power over the town is handed over to a legendary Hussite leader and his men.’