Definition of hurriedness in English:



  • See hurried

    • ‘We passed hurriedly on, knowing that we stood near the brink of something dark and strange.’
    • ‘He glanced inside the first room, which looked like it had been hurriedly cleaned out.’
    • ‘They ate quickly and hurriedly set off again to get away from the site of the ambush.’
    • ‘Through the net curtain, legs walk past hurriedly on the pavement above.’
    • ‘When I spoke to her about it, she looked sheepish and hurriedly covered it up, and refuses to discuss it.’
    hastily, speedily, quickly, fast, rapidly, swiftly, briskly, expeditiously, without delay, in haste, in a hurry, at a run, at a gallop, at top speed, at full tilt, at the double, as fast as possible
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