Definition of huntsman in English:



  • 1A person who hunts.

    • ‘Farmers, huntsmen, village post offices and elderly people trapped in isolated rural communities by the lack of public transport - all are falling victim to the growing urbanisation of our society.’
    • ‘A meet is arranged in a particular area and huntsmen don their hunting pinks (really red), black riding hats and set off behind the pack of hounds.’
    • ‘At that point the deer is shot by a huntsman, usually with a shotgun but sometimes with a pistol to the head.’
    • ‘I don't see why so many people have complained about the fact that huntsmen wear red coats.’
    • ‘The huntsmen will tell you that foxes need to be culled in some areas because of the way they slaughter lambs, sheep, chickens, etc.’
    • ‘The huntsman said he had tried one drag hunt, many years ago.’
    • ‘The huntsmen plan the route taken in drag hunting in advance.’
    • ‘Police in the Borders said they would be ready to act to prevent any clashes with hunt saboteurs and huntsmen.’
    • ‘A February ban now raises the prospect of the election campaign taking place against a backdrop of high-profile protests, clashes between huntsmen and police and a mass cull of foxhounds.’
    • ‘Not all huntsmen and women are conservative bigots.’
    • ‘Many animals show the same characteristics as the huntsmen such as cats, they enjoy chasing the birds and mice but the kill isn't the important part.’
    • ‘The legal change in Scotland forbid huntsmen from using dogs to hunt down and kill foxes.’
    • ‘The huntsman thrashed his stick out at the woman who was begging him to stop and attempting to protect the dog.’
    • ‘The huntsmen and women are still legally entitled to hunt and have not broken the law (with or without dogs).’
    • ‘Even if I accept the reasons for fox hunting I fail to see why a whole pack of huntsmen are needed.’
    • ‘He faced heckles and a series of interventions from anti-hunt MPs as he put his case, arguing that colleagues had misunderstood huntsmen's motives and ignored the benefits their practice brought.’
    • ‘‘I'm not sure how much effect it will have on trade because people who come here and go hunting are not primarily huntsmen,’ she says.’
    • ‘Police were called in to restore order after conflict between protesters and huntsmen erupted minutes after the hunt began.’
    • ‘They have much of the equipment of the huntsmen, including a hunting horn and whip to try to confuse the hounds.’
    • ‘North Yorkshire's huntsmen gave mixed reactions today to the Government's plans to introduce fines of up to £5,000 for fox-hunting, along with possible jail sentences.’
    1. 1.1 A hunt official in charge of hounds.
      • ‘In addition the huntsman, who is in charge of the hounds and uses his hunting horn to gather them together, is Richard Lloyd.’
      • ‘Ferreters love their animals with the severe military love that attaches the falconer to his bird and the huntsman to his hounds.’
      • ‘There were seven hospital rooms dedicated to sick hounds, a handsome house for the huntsman, and apartments for the two kennel keepers.’
      • ‘‘Nobody loves his hounds more than a huntsman,’ he says.’
      • ‘The huntsman was in charge of a pack of dogs that followed the scent of the stag until it was cornered or exhausted.’
  • 2A very large, fast-moving spider found in tropical to warm-temperate regions of the world.

    Family Sparassidae, suborder Opisthothelae