Definition of hunting season in English:

hunting season


  • The annual period when restrictions on the killing of certain types of wildlife for sport or food are lifted.

    ‘officials have high hopes for this year's deer hunting season’
    • ‘They still have a hunting season on the cougar to control it.’
    • ‘The trophy hunting season lasts from the first of February until the end of November.’
    • ‘She's hoping to prevent the establishment of hunting seasons on mourning doves, sandhill cranes, and wolves.’
    • ‘Fresh meat was enjoyed during the hunting season, and some was smoked or dried and used to embellish corn dishes during the rest of the year.’
    • ‘Our woods no longer felt safe during hunting season.’
    • ‘James remembers how the day was looked forward to by his father and neighbours for the start of the game hunting season.’
    • ‘Opening day for hunting season is here and Billy gets ready for the big night.’
    • ‘For the most part, the birds remained there until hunters came to kill them after the beginning of hunting season in October.’
    • ‘The hunting season officially opens in early September and closes in late February.’
    • ‘The hunting seasons were seal, caribou, and whale.’