Definition of hunting crop in English:

hunting crop

(also hunting whip)


  • A short rigid riding whip with a handle at right angles to the stock and a long leather thong, used chiefly in hunting.

    • ‘We also carry a traditional hunting whip with a lash and a thong to keep the hounds in line.’
    • ‘On completing the course the rider hands the hunting crop to his team mate and so on until all eight horses have jumped.’
    • ‘The main types of whip are the short whip, the dressage whip, the hunting whip, the lunge whip, the polo whip, and the show cane.’
    • ‘He had a black top hat, a long coat, and a hunting crop swinging in one hand.’
    • ‘This is an early hunting whip (modern ones tend to be much shorter than this).’
    whip, lash, scourge, cat, thong, switch, birch, cane, stick
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