Definition of Hunnish in English:



  • See Hun

    • ‘First came the Huns who built up under King Attila, called ‘the Scourge of God’, the powerful Hunnish Empire.’
    • ‘Like his distant ancestor and name-sake, the legendary Hunnish king, nicknamed ‘The Scourge of God’ by his contemporaries, Attila was a bit of a dare-devil.’
    • ‘In the east, Chinese influence spread until, in the early centuries AD, waves of Turkic, Mongol, and Hunnish invaders set off tribal movements that pushed through Central Asia.’
    • ‘As well as being flogged for stupidity and persecuted for his Hunnish origins, he was flung down the kipper hole at the back of the school dining-room, along with meal scraps intended for pigs.’
    • ‘They were discussing safe political subjects: the Hunnish threat on the Danube frontier; the Vandal threat to the wheat-ships from Egypt; the Visigothic threat to the Roman towns in Gaul.’