Definition of humped in English:



  • Having a hump or humps; hump-shaped.

    ‘a breed of humped cattle’
    ‘a humped bridge’
    • ‘Old men in shorts and vests played chess in a breezy pavilion as families surged across a twee, humped bridge.’
    • ‘They walked with humped shoulders, lawn chairs in tow, without so much as a sound, save for the clinking of car-keys in ready.’
    • ‘Usually it is seen crouching or sitting with humped shoulders.’
    • ‘The shrouded outline of a humped rock above the water seemed briefly to be a human form, crouching, waiting for a signal.’
    • ‘It was a time when everything was very basic, a time when cars were non existent in the area and the humped back stone bridge was the local landmark.’
    arched, bent, bowed, curved, rounded, hunched
    humpbacked, hunchbacked
    embowed, crookbacked
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