Definition of humpbacked in English:



  • See humpback

    • ‘She described a hideous humpbacked creature with stumpy horns, and bristles down the back of a long neck.’
    • ‘And you can end up looking like a hunchback: The incline platform prods you into a humpbacked posture.’
    • ‘Camel racing, a favorite pastime in the Middle East, has taken flack from human-rights advocates for the young boys imported to jockey the humpbacked desert beasts.’
    • ‘The humpbacked gardener emptied the saucepan onto the roots of the flame trees, his favorites, and doused them with water drawn from the river several miles away.’
    • ‘The humpbacked whale which has been recorded as being in West Cork waters over the past five years returned in August.’