Definition of hummock in English:



  • 1A hillock or knoll.

    • ‘Coming back we crossed a vast expanse of low, sandy hummocks covered with sand verbena.’
    • ‘They watch for prey from slightly elevated perches such as hummocks, rocks, and fence posts.’
    • ‘They sat on a raised hummock, and soon the hummock became an island as the water rose about them.’
    • ‘Rounding off the pavilion's layers is a roof garden with grassy hummocks and a calm, reflecting pool.’
    • ‘It is situated on the ground, on grass clumps or hummocks in the open tundra.’
    hillock, hump, mound, knoll, tump, prominence, eminence, elevation, rise, dune, barrow, tumulus
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    1. 1.1 A hump or ridge in an ice field.
      • ‘It can be a height of land, a hummock of ice, or any place of elevation that affords an observer a clear view of their surroundings to make good observations.’
      • ‘Just a tiny little ice hummock that had been pushed up to form kind of a dinner-sized tabletop platform of ice that we thought might fit a single tent.’
    2. 1.2North American A piece of forested ground rising above a marsh.
      • ‘The resulting hummock and hollow microtopography of the forest floor is characteristic of mixed conifer and cedar swamps in New York state.’


Mid 16th century (originally in nautical use denoting a small hillock on the coast): of unknown origin.