Definition of humect in English:



[with object]rare
  • Moisten; make wet.

    • ‘This mixture, humected with a sufficient quantity of water for reducing it into a thick paste, grows so hot, that the vessel containing it cannot be held in the hand.’
    • ‘The mercury is incorporated with the salt by humecting it with a little water.’
    • ‘It is well known, that, after some days drought, on the falling of rain that humects the earth, there arises a grateful smell.’
    • ‘He ran unto the river Liffey, peeled off his breeches and jumped in, humecting thus his hairy skin.’
    • ‘With this preparation I continued to humect the compost every other evening.’
    dampen, wet, damp, dew, water, soak, irrigate, humidify
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Late Middle English: from Latin humect-, from the verb humectare (see humectant).