Definition of human science in English:

human science

(also human sciences)


mass noun
  • A branch of study which deals with people or their actions, including the social sciences and the humanities, as contrasted with the natural sciences or physical sciences.

    ‘she has a degree in human science’
    ‘a quarterly devoted to critical theory in the arts and human sciences’
    • ‘The book is intended for students of human sciences.’
    • ‘He classed philosophy among the human sciences.’
    • ‘She had begun her masters in research in human sciences.’
    • ‘This fund is designated for students who are involved in advanced research in the humanities and human sciences.’
    • ‘It was a period of fast-development in the fields of human sciences, sociology, natural sciences, technology and management.’
    • ‘By incorporating the additional subject areas of human sciences and complementary therapies, we now offer one of the most exciting course portfolios to be found anywhere in the higher education sector.’
    • ‘The human sciences are considerably more multivariate than the physical sciences and it is much more difficult to control those variables.’
    • ‘Economics is a human science that crosses all sorts of borders affecting the range of human activity.’
    • ‘Twenty-two universities proposed projects for setting up leading research centers in the fields of human science.’
    • ‘Students who want to major in social and human sciences can submit applications if their scores reach 139 points.’