Definition of human rights activist in English:

human rights activist


  • A person engaged in social or political campaigns against the violation of human rights.

    ‘human rights activists condemned the hasty executions’
    • ‘Human rights activists have been howling for years about the treatment of prisoners.’
    • ‘She was a long-time human rights activist.’
    • ‘The group claims that the tool has been developed to enable the freedom of speech of democracy and human rights activists operating behind national firewalls.’
    • ‘Human rights activists have condemned the reopening of the military command, fearing it will lead to more human rights abuses in the province.’
    • ‘Human rights activists fear military repression.’
    • ‘This year, the authorities have turned their attention to human rights activists.’
    • ‘In recent years, human rights activists have begun to police corporate conduct that violates international law.’
    • ‘Your work as a human rights activist and lawyer incurred the wrath of the authorities.’
    • ‘The tribunal also charged, convicted, and sentenced prominent human rights activists, journalists, and others for their alleged activities.’
    • ‘Human rights activists have advised his family to seek an independent inquiry into the circumstances of his death.’