Definition of huffy in English:



  • Annoyed or irritated and quick to take offence at petty things.

    ‘ask writers for more than a second draft and they get huffy’
    ‘the old ladies made a huffy pretence of being uninterested’
    • ‘Another huffy tantrum ensued, which some quick, timely clay-shaping and fast talking intercepted.’
    • ‘The huffy silence at the end of the debate must be subtly taken advantage of and the following words murmured as if the thought just occurred that moment.’
    • ‘In person Burnside is a big, huffy, bear of a man and not what you expect a poet to look like.’
    • ‘Tanja Dückers writes a huffy retort to Eva Menasse's recent claim that German writers' refusal to take a public stance in the federal election campaign reflects opportunism.’
    • ‘She gets very huffy at this point, complaining that if they ever need to change the menu they'll need to contact me, and that she doesn't see why this should be the case.’
    • ‘As a result, they can find emotional situations more confusing, leading to the petulant, huffy behaviour adolescents are notorious for.’
    • ‘We have only the best,’ the huffy brunette answered curtly.’
    • ‘His huffy departure surprised everyone at the airport.’
    • ‘The hacks are getting very huffy about still being banned from the bar.’
    • ‘OK, my apologies it was a bit of a sneaky question, but please don't get all huffy and turn the page’
    • ‘Don't go huffy when you're put on hold for the sixth time.’
    • ‘And when there is the smallest error in their royalty statements they get all huffy on you.’
    • ‘Normally I would have gotten all huffy, but here I was, a 38 year old woman with 2 kids, worried because the condom fell off during my fertile time.’
    • ‘So the entire brewing industry is under pressure and lobbying parliament, and generally being huffy.’
    • ‘I'm huffy about that; I wish I had his royalties.’
    • ‘And then you'd be thanking me instead of acting all huffy like you are now.’
    • ‘As someone who's often a tech-support resource for others, I try to be patient, because the people I know are smart, and it's better to try to explain what the problem is than to get all huffy.’
    • ‘Lagerfeld was especially huffy, saying: ‘I think they should have taken a big name.’’
    • ‘There's a guilty pleasure in witnessing his obvious discomfort and huffy asides to the camera - ‘four hours’ he mutters darkly while getting fitted for a swish suit.’
    • ‘Woods got huffy in Chicago when it was suggested that he was in a slump.’
    irritable, irritated, annoyed, cross, grumpy, huffish, bad-tempered, crotchety, crabby, crabbed, cantankerous, curmudgeonly, moody, petulant, miserable, morose, sullen, surly, churlish
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