Definition of huevos rancheros in English:

huevos rancheros

plural noun

  • A dish of fried or poached eggs served on a tortilla with a spicy tomato sauce, originating in Mexico.

    • ‘With shells somewhere between crisp and chewy, they're drizzled with the same sauce that accompanies the huevos rancheros and served with beans and rice.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, in her kitchen, Elena led me through the intricacies of huevos rancheros.’
    • ‘Mara favors savory and ordered the huevos rancheros served on top of crispy tortilla with a side of house potatoes.’
    • ‘So here is the ultimate Mexican egg dish, huevos rancheros, to spice up your weekend.’
    • ‘I took a plate of their spicy, delicious huevos rancheros topped with two perfectly cooked eggs, a pumpkin seed topping and creamy, delicious slices of avocado.’
    • ‘The restaurant makes a mean plate of huevos rancheros for those times when an assault to the system is what a body requires, and you can make it meaner with a jolt of the smoky house salsa.’
    • ‘The huevos rancheros are something else, a pair of fried eggs served up alongside two small tortillas, guacamole, mango salsa and fried yuca root.’


Spanish, ‘rancheros' eggs’.


huevos rancheros

/ˌ(h)wɛvɒs ranˈtʃɛːrɒs/