Definition of Hudibrastic in English:



  • (of language or verse) in the style of "Hudibras", a mock-heroic satirical poem by Samuel Butler, published 1663–78.

    ‘a Hudibrastic dialogue ridiculing various systems of philosophy’
    • ‘But his verse is not without a certain Hudibrastic force, and it frequently contains graphic touches descriptive of modes of life now passed away.’
    • ‘By the same token, others in London are also writing Hudibrastic satires, including Ned Ward, whose Hudibras Redivivus was also published in 1708.’
    • ‘Potter did not allow matters to rest and outlined his side of the case in The Hobby Horse (1766), cast in Hudibrastic verse.’
    • ‘Varying pace and diction, and characterized by power surges of excitement and humour, this poem in Hudibrastic couplets is one of Burns's greatest achievements.’
    • ‘Keimer attempted to reply in Hudibrastic verse on one occasion, but the battle of wits was no contest.’
    mocking, ironic, ironical, satiric, sarcastic, sardonic, scornful, derisive, ridiculing, taunting
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