Definition of howff in English:



  • A favourite meeting place or haunt, especially a pub.

    • ‘FEW rockets have had such a spectacular send-off as Hamish Henderson, folklorist, poet and habitue of howffs, who died just over a week ago, aged 82.’
    • ‘Milne's bar, the legendary literary howff in Edinburgh's Hanover Street, has been given a makeover.’
    • ‘Joe had sneaked to the urn, then hid his filled tea-can under his overalls as he made his way back to the howff.’
    • ‘James Boswell merrily recorded a typical night out in Edinburgh's teeming howffs in 1772.’
    • ‘He was well known for carousing, of course, and described the Globe Inn in the town as his favourite howff.’


Mid 16th century (as the name of the main burial ground in Dundee): of unknown origin.