Definition of how are you going? in English:

how are you going?


  • Used as a greeting, equivalent to ‘how are you?’

    ‘hello Charlie, how are you going?’
    • ‘I put my hand on his shoulder and just said, "Hey, buddy, how are you going?"’
    • ‘One travel blogger said to the other travel blogger, "How are you going?"’
    • ‘"How are you going?" he asked his mate.’
    • ‘"How are you going?" inquired his father, in a gentle, soothing tone.’
    • ‘I was mowing the lawn and my next-door neighbour came out and we were just chatting, she said, "Hi, how are you going?"’
    • ‘"Anyway, enough about me, how are you going?"’
    • ‘It's taken all the fun out of going down to the hall and saying "Hi, how are you going?", because now all we do is talk about money.’
    • ‘It is good that the Governor-General can have lunch at a café in town without being harassed, and equally good to surmise that if someone had come over and said, "Gidday, how are you going?" she may have said, "Just fine, thanks. And you?"’