Definition of hoverport in English:



  • A terminal for hovercraft.

    • ‘One wonders if advanced models will be parked in home hoverports of the future, nixing the problem of snowbound roads.’
    • ‘On the return journey, within a couple of miles of the hoverport in Calais there is a range of hypermarkets and wine stores where you can stock up with as much as you can cram into the car boot at prices that beggar belief.’
    • ‘She started by asking kids what they'd like to see in their ideal city so obviously things like space stations and hoverports were quickly constructed.’
    • ‘Conditions within small hoverports with strong winds have been simulated.’
    • ‘Two hoverports are found here, and the major export of Ist is stone from the mountain.’
    • ‘Note that you can't get down to the hoverport by car - the slip road from the A256 is securely fenced off.’
    • ‘It was also the apparent end for the hoverports at Dover and Calais which joined their equivalents at Ramsgate and Boulogne in outlasting the craft they were meant to service.’
    • ‘Clay said the city is looking at two possible sites for hoverports in Gary.’
    • ‘We specialise in cheap flights to Calais hoverport and other destinations in Europe.’
    • ‘For a more permanent service, we use special developed hoverports which offer passengers a comfortable and safe transit from shore to the crafts.’