Definition of housetop in English:



  • The ridge or roof of a house.

    ‘across the housetops, I could see the masts of tall ships’
    • ‘Cerri silently called for the phoenix who landed on a near by housetop in answer.’
    • ‘The government of Indonesia, for example, has installed more than 36,000 rural solar systems, 50-watt housetop modules that power batteries and lights in remote areas years away from being connected to a grid.’
    • ‘On that day, anyone on the housetop who has belongings in the house must not come down to take them away.’
    • ‘The Sacramento rose an average of seven feet, and the town of Marysville, which once sat securely above the Yuba and Feather rivers, began to build levees that rose higher than the housetops as the rivers rose above street level.’
    • ‘Flat or low-slope roofs work best, but green roofs have been successfully planted on steep housetops, too.’
    • ‘One of Robert's granddaughters slipped into the water as the family scrambled from one housetop to another.’
    • ‘Her boots slipped several times and forced her to slide down the other side of the housetop.’
    • ‘The Council has taken into account the space constraints in the city and plans to promote vegetable cultivation on housetops in the Corporation area in collaboration with the civic authorities.’
    • ‘I have been woken by them hovering over the housetops, roaring continuously and beaming a bright searchlight.’
    • ‘The player will explore this village from all sides - the cellars, attics, rooms of the little houses, streets, little stores, as well as the housetops and gardens.’