Definition of housemaster in English:



  • A male teacher in charge of a house at a boarding school.

    • ‘They opted to stay on at their own expense for nearly a year after Mr Williams's employment as housemaster ceased.’
    • ‘As the stock representative of authority in the building, our housemaster never really stood a chance.’
    • ‘My housemaster talked me out of this by explaining that I would have a fantastic time at college, plus my father (a serving officer) warned me that I didn't have the necessary self-discipline to make it in the Army!’
    • ‘She encourages him to soften his attitude, and he becomes a housemaster.’
    • ‘I've done as little gardening as possible since I was a boy because my housemaster used to punish my transgressions by making me go and spend hours weeding his garden.’
    • ‘From the age of 11, I went to a boarding school in Hampshire, where I kicked against my housemaster rather than my father.’
    • ‘He's the kind of avuncular, gentle character who could be the beloved housemaster in Harry Potter's Gryffindor house.’
    • ‘He went into chemistry, left New Plymouth in 1946, and returned in 1952 to take up a post at his old school as housemaster and teacher.’
    • ‘He was also a pupil and then housemaster at the Roman Catholic boys' school attached to the abbey and run by the Benedictines.’
    • ‘They had to report to the housemaster about meting out punishment.’
    • ‘He was employed there as a housemaster from January 1993 to August 1996 and occupied the school house as a pre-requisite of the post.’