Definition of household troops in English:

household troops

plural noun

  • (in the UK) troops nominally employed to guard the sovereign.

    • ‘There are many examples of loyal household troops fighting for their king to the bitter end.’
    • ‘On the square he met some of the household troops surrounded by an angry mob, who were on the point of killing them.’
    • ‘An alien and therefore rather insecure king, Cnut kept a regiment of household troops or ‘housecarls' who were a considerable burden on the country.’
    • ‘The empress, with her inexplicable fondness for the man, insists he can be trusted with the household troops, and I'm not in a mood to resist her.’
    • ‘In 1789 the army consisted of household troops, which included the French and Swiss guards, regular forces - around 113,000 infantry, 32,000 cavalry, and under 10,000 gunners - and the militia of about 75,000.’