Definition of household name in English:

household name

(also household word)


  • A person or thing that is well known by the public.

    ‘he'd never become a household name, unlike his famous younger brother’
    • ‘Pratchett's name is a household word in the UK, but he's still relatively obscure in the US.’
    • ‘No, his name is not a household word but his influence is felt in another way: those who read him experience what amounts to the intellectual challenge of their lives.’
    • ‘Let my name be forever the household word that it always was.’
    • ‘Here's the macro view of the Wilson story, both before his name became a household word and long into the criminal investigation itself.’
    • ‘After winning her first gold medal at the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney, Tao Luna's name became a household word in China.’
    • ‘However, the arrival of SARS changed that and his name has become a household word around the country.’
    • ‘But it was Einstein's second theory, the 1915 general theory of relativity, that was first put to a public test, making the name ‘Einstein’ a household word.’
    • ‘I realize you probably haven't thought about it, as embroiled in local events as you've been, but I'll wager that your name is going to become, if not a household word, at least fairly well-known.’
    • ‘With pricey new building projects, more graduate programs, an increased attention to research, and a renewed emphasis on faith, Baylor's name would become a household word.’
    • ‘Nicholas is a popular, highly regarded actor who has been a star and a household name for several decades.’
    • ‘I will start with mentioning Wilson Greatbatch whose name is not a household word even in my house.’
    • ‘When Henry George died, that name was a household word.’
    • ‘Around the turn of the century, his name was a household word.’
    • ‘HARVARD PHILOSOPHER John Rawls's name is not a household word, but it is unusually well-known around universities.’
    • ‘Over the past twelve months, he has rocketed from being a relative unknown in the eyes of the public to a household name.’
    • ‘He is also a household name - unlike say this fellow - and he and his pals really are tough on crime.’
    • ‘That young man became far more famous than ever she was and his name became a household word in every corner of the Known World.’
    • ‘He was not the first such suicide, but was by far the most celebrated, a household name in France.’
    • ‘She made her husband's name into a household word, and eventually she won his release.’
    • ‘In fact, her passion for promoting science to the public has made her a household name in the UK.’
    celebrity, famous person, very important person, personality, name, big name, famous name, household name, star, superstar, celebutante, leading light, mogul, giant, great, master, king, guru
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