Definition of housefly in English:



  • A common small fly occurring worldwide in and around human habitation. Its eggs are laid in decaying material, and the fly can be a health hazard due to its contamination of food.

    Musca domestica, family Muscidae

    • ‘The diverse group of fly species called schizophorans includes houseflies, fruit flies, and flesh-burrowing blowflies.’
    • ‘Only the Cyclorrapha, which includes Drosophila and the common housefly, Musca domestica, have a bicoid gene.’
    • ‘At first sight the tsetse fly is very similar to a housefly - being black and only slightly larger.’
    • ‘The average airspeed of the common housefly is 4.5 miles per hour.’
    • ‘They discovered that this potent form killed houseflies and repelled cockroaches.’
    • ‘We have a mosquito species here that's almost as big as a housefly.’
    • ‘Further observation revealed the wasps in other parts of the garden, catching houseflies and carrying them off towards the burrows.’
    • ‘Australia is host to around 200 species of flies, with the major pests being the common housefly and bush fly.’
    • ‘Listen intently, and you'll hear the buzzing of mosquitoes, bees, and houseflies.’
    • ‘You probably will recognize some of the suspects: horsefly/deer fly, stable fly, housefly, black fly, hornfly, face fly, culicoides, and mosquito.’