Definition of house surgeon in English:

house surgeon


  • 1A surgeon attached to a particular hospital or other institution.

    ‘he was made house surgeon at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary’
    • ‘Dr. Hunter went on to become the house surgeon at St. George's Hospital in London.’
    • ‘Joseph Lister was made house surgeon at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary to begin the treatment of patients with compound fractures many of whom, despite his years of acquired surgical skills, died from gangrene.’
    • ‘In 1812, he was elected house surgeon at Worcester Infirmary.’
    • ‘The House-Surgeon at St. Bartholomew's Hospital was then examined.’
    • ‘A certificate was read from the house-surgeon of a neighbouring hospital.’
    • ‘He held several senior posts including house surgeon at Leeds General Infirmary.’
    • ‘While he was house surgeon from 1835 onwards, mechanical restraint was practically abolished.’
    • ‘Various more objectionable instruments were destroyed, and the house surgeon was ordered to record every case of coercion.’
    • ‘He was appointed house surgeon at King's College Hospital for 1850, and in the following year he became one of the demonstrators of anatomy.’
    • ‘During 1834, a house surgeon called Hadwen was in office.’
    1. 1.1British A qualified doctor practising general surgery under supervision in hospital in the first year after graduation.
      ‘six months are spent as a house surgeon gaining experience in different areas of surgery’
      • ‘I spoke to our daughter, who was a first year house surgeon in the North Island.’
      • ‘It was Sunday night, and I was due to start work next morning as junior house surgeon to the outpatients and casualty departments.’
      • ‘I can see no possible reason why they should not also be responsible for the house surgeons and resident medical officers on their permanent staff.’
      • ‘She did her house jobs in Hastings and was proud to have been his first house surgeon.’
      • ‘After qualifying from university, she became a house surgeon at a local hospital.’
      • ‘Several years later, when I was a young idealistic house surgeon, we had our postings in the intensive care unit.’
      • ‘Three years ago, some senior doctors helped start the Basic Life Support course, chiefly for post-graduate doctors and house surgeons.’
      • ‘Isabel was one of the first female medical students to train at Barts where she became house surgeon.’
      • ‘The house surgeon attended the plaintiff in the absence of the doctor who performed the surgery.’
      • ‘After qualifying, he was junior resident house officer in obstetrics followed by house surgeon to the professorial surgical unit.’