Definition of house martin in English:

house martin


  • A black-and-white Eurasian songbird of the swallow family, often building its mud nest on the walls of buildings.

    Genus Delichon, family Hirundinidae: three species, in particular the widespread D. urbica

    • ‘In dry conditions when wet mud is difficult to obtain swallows will take over old nests of other birds including house martins and blackbirds.’
    • ‘Some species, like swallows and house martins, are in decline and this exercise will help assess the state of their insect food source.’
    • ‘These woodpeckers have also regularly attacked colonies of nesting house martins by clinging to the side of the inverted mud dome and chipping away a hold.’
    • ‘I can hear house martins chattering away in their nests under the eaves as I write these words.’
    • ‘Even more resourceful are house martins nesting on ships.’


house martin