Definition of house in multiple occupation in English:

house in multiple occupation


  • A house or other dwelling in which several different households are living, sharing facilities such as a kitchen or bathroom.

    ‘eleven contraventions of the regulations that govern houses in multiple occupation were found’
    • ‘They claimed the districts, which contain high numbers of flats and houses in multiple occupation would not be suitable for fortnightly collections of rubbish.’
    • ‘Cllr Fry said the change would have meant the proportion of houses in multiple occupation in the street would rise to 37per cent.’
    • ‘These standards will apply to all tenanted properties, but in houses in multiple occupation, additional minimum requirements apply, notably fire precautions.’
    • ‘Dr Grady said the number of houses in multiple occupation was increasing and having a knock-on effect on local amenities like shops and libraries.’
    • ‘The scheme requires that the Authority maintain a register of all houses in multiple occupation.’
    • ‘The authority is particularly keen to tighten checks on houses in multiple occupation.’
    • ‘The landlord pleaded guilty to two breaches of rules relating to houses in multiple occupation.’
    • ‘Larger houses in multiple occupation will have to be licensed by the council.’
    • ‘Houses in multiple occupation often have a very high turnover of tenants.’
    • ‘Those with houses in multiple occupation have to carry out regular checks to ensure smoke alarms and fire extinguishers are working.’