Definition of house gecko in English:

house gecko


  • A large-eyed nocturnal gecko of the Old World tropics, occupying a range of habitats including houses.

    Hemidactylus, Gehyra, and other genera, family Gekkonidae: several species

    • ‘The house gecko will never probably be able to be held for long times, but chances are you can relax it down a bit.’
    • ‘Keep in mind that house geckos need vertical space for climbing so use a tall tank.’
    • ‘Up to 800 adult house geckos have been caught in one night from one market near Jakarta.’
    • ‘Instead, the house geckos loitered near the lights, snaring all the insects they could eat.’
    • ‘You absolutely need a cover or house geckos run up the glass, take a flying leap, and hit the floor running.’