Definition of houngan in English:



  • A voodoo priest.

    • ‘When he has nothing and wants prosperity he goes to a houngan and says, ‘I have nothing and I am disposed to do anything to have money’’.’
    • ‘A houngan who remembers Maya explains that we are shadows cast by God.’
    • ‘I've been very interested to know more about the bokor, but most of what I've read has been by anthropologist-types or mainstream houngans / mambos, who look on them with distaste and fear.’
    • ‘Hex pretends to be a houngan, but he's actually an Arawak.’
    • ‘There are also bush priests who read specific Catholic prayers at funerals and other ceremonial occasions, and hounsi, initiated females who serve as ceremonial assistants to the houngan or manbo.’


Early 20th century: from Fon, from hun, a deity represented by a fetish, + ga ‘chief’.