Definition of hotter in English:



  • A person who joyrides in stolen high-performance cars, especially for elaborate and dangerous display.

    ‘the hotters would have to be caught red-handed, performing their stunts’
    • ‘You cower nervously at the first sounds from the approaching shouts of the local gang, desperately hoping that they are off to the hotters' display of stolen cars and that they will not pause to vandalize your home.’
    • ‘This was regularly the venue for hotters to show off their driving skills in stolen high-performance cars.’
    • ‘The speaker was one of the ‘hotters’ who brought illicit thrills and spills to the estate in the summer of 1991’
    • ‘Police moved in and arrested twenty hotters.’
    • ‘If lucky, the hotter will leave behind the police.’
    • ‘The hotters boasted of their terrifying exploits behind the wheels of stolen high-performance cars.’
    • ‘He stood guard against the hotters and car thieves outside.’