Definition of Hottentot fig in English:

Hottentot fig


  • A succulent mat-forming plant with bright yellow or lilac daisy-like flowers and edible fruit. It is native to South Africa and frequently naturalized on coastal cliffs in Europe.

    Carpobrotus formerly 'Mesembryanthemum' edulis, family Aizoaceae

    • ‘Ice plants are also known as Hottentot figs, which amuses me greatly for no particular reason.’
    • ‘The owner believed that the Hottentot fig was protecting the cliff from erosion and was not prepared to allow access by contractors.’
    • ‘There are two species of Hottentot figs that have naturalized in Europe.’
    • ‘The Hottentot fig, from South Africa, is spreading across sites of special scientific interest, putting native plants at risk.’
    • ‘In the past few years we've grown Hottentot figs along the road.’