Definition of hotness in English:



  • See hot

    • ‘Angelina is in it, which makes it good, even though her hotness is questionable.’
    • ‘The food was great, so were the people, so was the music, so were the sizes of the shots (double trouble - yeah!) and let's not forget the hotness of guys in suits.’
    • ‘This helped in clearing many wrong notions about the hotness of spices and doubts of visitors who for the first time were tasting Indian food, adds Dr. Thampi.’
    • ‘Actually, I've lost a little faith in the hotness of Scandinavians recently.’
    • ‘The rich corn flavour and the sharp hotness of the dish makes it the kind of food you have no choice but to dedicate your whole attention to, as I discovered when I ordered one later for myself.’