Definition of hothouse plant in English:

hothouse plant


  • 1A plant grown in a hothouse.

    ‘a hybrid first grown as a hothouse plant in England’
    • ‘There are plans for deep-freeze capsules carrying medicines or human organs for transplants and even heated ones for hothouse plants or food.’
    • ‘In the numerous pits and frames, popular exotics, such as the orange, camellia, and numerous other greenhouse and hothouse plants, were increased by hundreds.’
    • ‘The stand was created to bring nature indoors, and one might draw a parallel between a hothouse plant and a landscape painting—each is an aspect of commodified nature.’
    • ‘Hothouse plants that were taken outdoors to decorate the garden or terrace in the summer months were acclimatized for a period in the unheated greenhouse.’
    • ‘My mistake was that unknowingly I always chose difficult specimens, hothouse plants in every sense of the word.’
    • ‘A hybrid first grown as a hothouse plant in England, the bean's waxy texture earned it its name.’
    • ‘He is collecting data on the neighbourhood plant thefts and is urging all home gardeners to be wary of buying "hot" hothouse plants.’
    • ‘This impression is enhanced by the way the hothouse plants are beginning to grow through and around the sculptures.’
    • ‘On Christmas Day 1848, he sailed east in search of hothouse plants and exotic shrubs.’
    • ‘Many of the miniatures sold at florists or checkouts around the country are hothouse plants that won't take any cold at all.’
    1. 1.1 A delicate or fragile person or thing.
      ‘we're all a lot of hothouse plants just crying for attention’
      • ‘At the present, North America has only seven such small monasteries, each a hothouse plant existing in a small bubble of lay support.’
      • ‘No court in the land would allow his second will, as it had been composed by a man with the mental abilities of a small hothouse plant.’
      • ‘He conceded the existence of the market, but he argued that it was a hothouse plant rooted in the easily depleted soil of slavery.’
      • ‘The flowers of his rhetoric were hothouse plants.’
      • ‘Darrow once described him in court as a hothouse plant.’
      • ‘You get the feeling we're all a lot of hothouse plants just crying for attention.’
      • ‘The contemplative life is unfortunately too often thought of in terms purely of enclosure, and monks are conceived of as hothouse plants.’
      • ‘The journal preached popular revolution, and incidentally dismissed Herzen's radicalism as a frail hothouse plant.’
      • ‘He is a hothouse plant—or was that potted plant?’
      • ‘These horses are trained like they are hothouse plants instead of the way it used to be.’