Definition of hot yoga in English:

hot yoga


mass noun
  • A style of yoga performed in hot and humid conditions, typically Bikram yoga.

    ‘my wife does hot yoga, sweating in a furnace-like studio’
    • ‘Bikram, also known as "hot yoga," encompasses a demanding set sequence in a 90-degree-plus heated room.’
    • ‘I then went off to hot yoga before Mum and I went to Wray Organic for lunch.’
    • ‘Also called "hot yoga," it's done in a heated room.’
    • ‘Bikram (hot yoga) wasn't so great last night actually.’
    • ‘One of the latest trends in yoga is "hot yoga."’
    • ‘Bikram, sometimes called hot yoga, is done in a room kept at about 105 degrees (F).’
    • ‘Given a chance to try out "hot yoga" last week I found myself in a 40ºC room following an instructor doing tree and triangle postures.’
    • ‘The thing about hot yoga is that the smallest of movements cause your heart to accelerate vrrrrooom vrrrooom style, and your joints get all warm and rubbery.’
    • ‘Our Bikram hot yoga is 100% physical.’
    • ‘As more people experience hot yoga's benefits, it will only likely get hotter.’
    • ‘One recent, much-celebrated innovation is that players have added "hot yoga" to their training regimens.’
    • ‘But Bikram Yoga isn't just hot yoga.’
    • ‘Spinning is out, but hot yoga is in.’
    • ‘So this ten day pass I have lets me try the hot yoga and the "power vinyasa" yoga, which I'm gonna do tonight.’
    • ‘Bikram yoga, commonly known as "hot yoga," builds physical and mental strength, balance and flexibility.’
    • ‘This style is sometimes called hot yoga because you do it in a very warm room.’
    • ‘As someone with injury issues I found hatha and ashtanga teachers took more time and the flow of postures was more comfortable than say bikram hot yoga.’
    • ‘She was telling me about a new program that the club had launched offering hot yoga.’
    • ‘She went on about the benefits the class offers, the difference between hot yoga and regular yoga (although I usually find most yoga rooms or studios hot already), and what type of results you could expect from taking the class.’
    • ‘New forms of yoga - with names like "power yoga" and "hot yoga" - mix flexibility and cardiovascular benefits.’