Definition of hot wind in English:

hot wind


  • A hot, dry wind that blows periodically from the interior in the summer.

    ‘the hot wind was already up’
    • ‘It is probably an elevated current of the hot wind from the Australian continent.’
    • ‘The hot wind knotted her hair.’
    • ‘Dell struggled against the hot wind like it was a game.’
    • ‘The smell wafts towards us on the hot wind and seems determined to come with us, wherever it is we're going.’
    • ‘I'm the hot wind from the desert, I'm the black soil of the plains.’
    • ‘The hot wind is blowing hard on us and what is there to do but turn our face to it and sing?’
    • ‘We had reached our destination, however, before the worst of the hot wind set in.’
    • ‘The hot wind stirred its leafy boughs, and some of the living elements of this tree passed to me in understanding and friendliness expressing The Spirit of Australia.’
    • ‘We had the first experience of that Australian abomination: the hot wind.’
    • ‘When the hot wind has spent its strength, it is usually succeeded instantaneously by a violent gust from the southward.’