Definition of hot rod in English:

hot rod


  • A motor vehicle that has been specially modified to give it extra power and speed.

    • ‘The event is open to American classic cars and hot rods from 6.30 pm to 9.00 pm.’
    • ‘They took the professor's car, which made Vance's hatchback look like a hot rod.’
    • ‘And Ford's designers can't believe it, but here it is, the hot rod of the future.’
    • ‘But the wheel business might not exist without the 25-year tradition for building hot rods and the strong image behind them.’
    • ‘This very popular one-day show is in its 14th year and gets bigger and better every time with a variety of street machines, vintage and veteran cars, hot rods, bikes and special interest vehicles.’
    • ‘Looking for an iconic genre he could leverage, he settled on the hot rod.’
    • ‘When racers from Belsize Garage power their hot rods around Buxton's High Edge circuit tomorrow, they'll be keeping alive a name with more than 100 years of motoring history.’
    • ‘Additionally, Americans are increasingly more interested in hot rods and will more and more choose the bold colors traditionally associated with these types of vehicles including rich reds and yellows.’
    • ‘‘I also have a passion for automobiles, car shows, hot rods, collecting and racing,’ he says.’
    • ‘Then we have the groups who believe street rods, hot rods, muscle cars, or antiques are the way to go.’


  • 1with object Modify (a vehicle or other device) to make it faster or more powerful.

    ‘I was told the program did an even better job of hot-rodding hardware’
    • ‘Is there a place on the pop charts for a hand playing hot-rodded country music?’
    • ‘Some sort of anodised aluminium encases the new 64-bit G5 processor which has been hot-rodded by the addition of a second floating point unit and a few other tweaks.’
    • ‘Even though the pistol is a locked breech design, it is not a candidate for hot-rodding.’
    • ‘Slark was still down in the engine room, making sure the vastly upgraded engine he'd so ingeniously hot-rodded was still running and not about to burst into flames and burn the ship to a crisp.’
    • ‘I tracked using my old Fender Princeton and favorite hot-rodded Strat, experimenting with amp positions, as well as checking the system with vocals.’
    • ‘But an ambitious owner could then hot-rod his breviary by colouring them in as if they had been illuminated by real monks.’
  • 2no object Drive a hot rod.

    ‘as a teenager he preferred a steady wage and time to go out hot-rodding’
    • ‘The thesis begins by examining the role of technological enthusiasm in the early growth of hot rodding.’
    • ‘This new style of hot-rodding is what brings the automakers, all of them intent on capturing these enthusiasts - many with their parents' large disposable incomes - as customers.’
    • ‘They're neither fast enough to inspire hot-rodding, nor large enough to be used as party cruisers.’
    • ‘If you look deeply into the entire automotive scene the new craze in imports really isn't that different than the early days of hot-rodding.’


hot rod