Definition of hot desk in English:

hot desk


  • (in an office) a desk allocated to a worker when required or on a rota system, rather than belonging to a particular worker.

    ‘many believe that hot desks could in fact hurt productivity’
    as modifier ‘a hot desk environment’
    • ‘There is a large plasma screen where 'hot desk' staff can book a space in advance for a meeting.’
    • ‘While the hot desk seems to offer a flexible and different working environment, the lack of consistency can damage our posture.’
    • ‘Relatively few hot desk environments deploy multiple monitors as a matter of course.’
    • ‘If you're working for a company with a hot desk approach, it's not a good idea to routinely use the same desk even if you're mostly in the office.’
    • ‘The Hive@Mansfield offers all the facilities needed for start-up businesses, including hot desks, networking areas, meeting rooms and Internet access.’
    • ‘The office is based on hot desks (6,500 workers and only 4,000 desks) made possible as a large percentage of the time the staff are out with clients.’
    • ‘The completely wireless set-up allows them to work from shared "hot desks" anywhere in the building.’
    • ‘Permanent spaces start at $140 per week with hot desks starting at $110.’
    • ‘It's a shared office space that offers permanent spaces, hot desks and short-term workspaces.’
    • ‘"The hope is to create a 'hot desk' facility so people will be out and about or working from home wherever possible."’


[no object]
  • Use a desk as required or on a rota system, rather than having one's own desk.

    ‘in the modern office people are likely to hot-desk’
    • ‘"Three or four days a week you can hot desk from Hervey Bay and it won't necessarily be the department that is moved but it might be 10 staff."’
    • ‘To hot-desk wirelessly, all the laptops used by mobile workers have to have identical settings.’
    • ‘More than half of GPs have to share consulting rooms or 'hot-desk', meaning 61% fewer appointments available.’
    • ‘Staff have to hot-desk, and meeting rooms are "interactive spaces."’
    • ‘It's also good for sales staff who share workspace or 'hot-desk'.’
    • ‘I'm thankful that I can hot-desk.’
    • ‘These days, I hot desk from a couple of clients' offices several days a week - and work from my own home office on the other days.’
    • ‘Staff are able to hot desk with an IP phone making them always available on a direct dial number.’
    • ‘Why not hot-desk with other small businesses and share all the services required?’
    • ‘They "hot-desk" from one spot to another by setting up mobile studios in different locations.’