Definition of hot cross bun in English:

hot cross bun


  • A bun marked with a cross and containing dried fruit, traditionally eaten on Good Friday.

    • ‘Clues to prizes will be placed around the High Street church and there will also be hot cross buns and Easter eggs on offer.’
    • ‘There was a taster session of some wine, fruit juice, cakes and hot cross buns.’
    • ‘The guy on the radio said that the fruit mince pies are gone, replaced immediately by the hot cross buns.’
    • ‘All the events which years ago a child looked forward to at certain times of the year now take place all year round, eg hot cross buns and Easter eggs on sale at Christmas.’
    • ‘According to superstition, hot cross buns and loaves baked on Good Friday never went mouldy, and were sometimes kept as charms from one year to the next.’
    • ‘The people of Kuwait loves the hot cross buns so much that Fafnir's Hot Cross Buns are now authentic Kuwaiti cuisine eaten throughout the land.’
    • ‘The smell and taste of the hot cross buns, traditional Easter fare, were connected forever with the sensation of attending those endless Holy Week ceremonies.’
    • ‘As we waited to go out again, we sat in a circle, laughed and ate hot cross buns.’
    • ‘Traditionally served on Good Friday or Easter morning, hot cross buns are small and slightly sweet yeast buns with a rich history.’
    • ‘Youngsters arrived dressed in their home-made creations for a day of festive fun featuring dancing and hot cross buns.’
    • ‘The bakery, which has a 400-strong workforce, provides millions of loaves and other baked products, such as hot cross buns, each year.’
    • ‘Staff from the Evening Press also joined in the fun yesterday and gave away free six-packs of hot cross buns with every sale of the newspaper.’
    • ‘This includes exotic bread and delectable cakes, as well as tarts and pies, to say nothing of hot cross buns and Easter eggs.’
    • ‘Churches Together in Otley will also be handing out 300 hot cross buns in the Market Place on Easter Saturday, April 10, from 10 am to 11 am.’
    • ‘It's Saturday morning and the supermarket is busy, the car park is full and the air smells of hot cross buns.’
    • ‘Attempts to ban hot cross buns may be going a bit far, but they are entirely consistent with the mainstream view that causing offence to other religions and ethnicities is to be avoided at all costs.’
    • ‘I'm no stick-in-the-mud, but I like my Easter Eggs chocolate and my hot cross buns fruit-filled and that's that.’
    • ‘I suggest using hot cross buns to make the most delicious bread-and-butter pudding.’
    • ‘Most shops sell hot cross buns long before Easter, this year a National Bakery chain is selling theirs with chocolate chips in - whatever next!’
    • ‘Afterwards, young people in the congregation were invited to the community centre for Easter-related activities and there were also hot cross buns and refreshments in the Baptist Church.’


hot cross bun