Definition of hot-rodder in English:



  • See hot rod

    • ‘Attention was also paid to the Charger SRT8's exhaust note, which produces a growl that will intimidate just about any hot-rodder.’
    • ‘A lifelong hot-rodder, Stands, 44, grew up near Bakersfield, Califoernia, where ‘we could see the dragstrip from the roof of our house.’’
    • ‘Now hot-rodders take to snaking courses set in five linked districts.’
    • ‘It's a good compromise that offers many safety and performance benefits, especially if you live in an area that has snow, rain and squirrely hot-rodders with a few license points to spare.’
    • ‘A new breed of enthusiast customized his car to make it faster, then attempted to prove his bravery and workmanship by racing against fellow hot-rodders on back roads or dry lake beds.’