Definition of hostess trolley in English:

hostess trolley


  • A trolley for holding food to be served at table.

    • ‘We both surrendered to the inevitable when, two hours after lunch was complete, we discovered the red cabbage, leeks and sprouts staring reproachfully at us from the bottom of the maternal hostess trolley.’
    • ‘Remember Blue Nun, Liebfraumilch, Parker Knoll furniture and, gasp, even hostess trolleys… well apparently they are all coming back with a vengeance!’
    • ‘I looked down at the little ashtray on his gold coloured hostess trolley, two lonely pound coins looked back up at me, so I ferreted around in my pocket for something smaller.’
    • ‘Eating half an avocado as a starter, with or without the addition of prawn cocktail in the hole, went out with the hostess trolley.’
    • ‘There's also an electric hostess trolley on wheels, complete with four serving dishes and matching lids.’
    • ‘He also does not recall allegedly upending a hostess trolley after failing to play a CD on it, swearing at the captain and ripping up a ‘yellow card’ warning him to behave or face arrest.’