Definition of hostage-taking in English:



mass noun
  • The act of seizing or holding a person as security for the fulfilment of a condition.

    ‘with the recent escalation of hostilities comes the tactic of hostage-taking’
    count noun ‘sabotage and hostage-takings by community activists’
    • ‘The hostage-taking bears the hallmarks of the separatists, although their main leaders deny involvement.’
    • ‘One of the factors contributing to the hostage-takings is the tacit approval that many give such acts amid growing anti-American sentiment.’
    • ‘For the past four years, he has also been part of the RCMP's emergency response team which responds to high-risk situations like hostage-takings.’
    • ‘Some guerrillas have created a grisly business on the side: hostage-taking for revenge and (especially) profit.’
    • ‘We are concerned that the government is sanctioning extra-judicial executions, hostage-taking, torture and violence in the run-up to the presidential elections.’
    • ‘Andrew Flynn directs with flair and sensitivity, in a convincing insight into the horrors of hostage-taking.’
    • ‘They hope the death penalty will halt a wave of murder, rape and hostage-taking.’
    • ‘In most societies, such activities as the killing of prisoners, hostage-taking, and the killing of civilians are deemed to be war crimes.’
    • ‘Police sealed off the island following the hostage-taking.’
    • ‘While the motives for hostage-taking are diverse, there may be certain underlying elements that are unique to this type of offence.’
    kidnapping, kidnap, abduction
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