Definition of hospitalize in English:


(also hospitalise)


  • Admit or cause (someone) to be admitted to hospital for treatment.

    ‘Casey was hospitalized for chest pains’
    • ‘He was immediately hospitalized and doctors removed a cancerous growth.’
    • ‘He is still hospitalized, recovering from a tracheotomy and relapse of the flu.’
    • ‘He was finally hospitalized in order to be treated for his alcoholism.’
    • ‘One of my friends was hospitalized after an accident with a bouncing castle at the weekend.’
    • ‘There is no necessity to hospitalize the patient.’
    • ‘One woman was hospitalized, and some of the others had to have wheelchairs to leave the resort.’
    • ‘It just so happens that these hospitalized young men are also cancer patients and amputees.’
    • ‘She concluded Aliah was suicidal but did not hospitalize her, referring her instead to an emergency clinic for further evaluation.’
    • ‘I was hospitalised but could not have the required treatment due to my stomach operation.’
    • ‘Four people were hospitalized for treatment, including one seriously injured prisoner.’
    • ‘She hit him numerous times and he was hospitalized, but did not press charges.’
    • ‘Many colleagues came to Taiyuan to visit him when they heard he was hospitalized.’
    • ‘I was hospitalized many times and put on bed rest for 6 months of the pregnancy.’
    • ‘As long as he was paying the bills, he could control her treatment, including the decision to hospitalize her, even when it was against her wishes and those of her family.’
    • ‘Before he was taken to the quarantine center, he was hospitalized twice in Jakarta.’
    • ‘If I start getting like that, someone please promise to hospitalize me somewhere pretty, OK?’
    • ‘Thirteen persons were hospitalized for treatment of knife wounds and burns, including the priest.’
    • ‘In our experience, this approach usually leads to an agreement between the clinician and the patient on how to proceed - whether to warn the potential victim, modify the current treatment or hospitalize the patient.’
    • ‘Her son was killed, and she was hospitalized with several gunshot wounds in the chest and head.’
    • ‘He was recently hospitalized for a month and had to wear an oxygen mask day and night.’
    disable, incapacitate, indispose, put out of action, lay up, cripple, paralyse, lame, put on the sick list
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