Definition of hospital trust in English:

hospital trust


  • (in the UK) a National Health Service hospital which has opted to withdraw from local authority control and be managed by a trust instead.

    • ‘And he slammed the area's three primary care trusts - which fund the hospital trust by buying services from it - who he said had not done enough to help reduce the deficit.’
    • ‘Despite an independent inquiry that ruled that the hospital should be able to cope with overnight surgery, including hip and knee replacements, the hospital trust now says clinical safety may rule it out.’
    • ‘A senior director at a crisis-hit hospital trust has resigned after being severely criticised at a General Medical Council disciplinary hearing.’
    • ‘A health chief who steered a hospital trust through the Legionnaires outbreak has been given an OBE for his services to the National Health Service.’
    • ‘Deborah Lee, director of primary care and commissioning at Swindon Primary Care Trust, echoed the hospital trust's view.’
    • ‘I just want the hospital trust and the primary care trust to view us as partners.’
    • ‘The hospital trust runs two hospitals, one in Hartlepool.’
    • ‘The authors mention that there might be legal and financial consequences for the clinician responsible and the hospital trust if it transpired that harm to a patient occurred because abnormal results had not been viewed.’
    • ‘Two hours later, he was on the move again, as William dropped Lady Archer at Addenbrooke's Hospital, where she is chairman of the hospital trust, before heading for London.’
    • ‘The Health and Safety Executive has even threatened to prosecute a hospital trust if it does not improve conditions for its employees.’
    • ‘Pregnant women in Bridlington may have to travel more than 20 miles on country roads to give birth in Scarborough if a hospital trust pushes through radical new healthcare plans.’
    • ‘The hospital trust then attempted to save money by closing three satellite hospitals, at Skipton, Bingley and Ilkley, but a public outcry prevented this.’
    • ‘An internationally-known clinic will soon get back to normal after a hospital trust agreed to extra funding.’
    • ‘The money has been awarded to the Barnsley District General Hospital by the Department of Health, following a successful bid by the hospital trust.’
    • ‘We are working closely and in full co-operation with the home, the health authority and the hospital trust to agree a way forward.’
    • ‘Today, a spokeswoman for the hospital trust which operates the infirmary confirmed that the source had now been identified.’
    • ‘The hospital trust shares its medical expertise in the field of blood diseases with the facility in India.’
    • ‘The grandmother-of-four, who urgently needs surgery on her other hip, accused her local hospital trust and Health Secretary Alan Milburn, in the High Court, of unlawfully refusing to sanction the funding.’
    • ‘Every hospital trust now has an infection prevention and control team.’
    • ‘In the past, the hospital trust had been forced to send patients to private hospitals for certain treatments because of lack of facilities.’