Definition of hospital ship in English:

hospital ship


  • A ship which functions as a hospital, especially to receive or take home sick or wounded military personnel.

    • ‘In the course of the battle for Wireless Ridge he was injured by friendly fire and was evacuated by helicopter to the dressing station at Teale inlet and thence to the hospital ship, the SS Uganda.’
    • ‘Built as a great ocean liner, the Titanic's sister-ship was launched in 1914 and immediately entered military service as a hospital ship.’
    • ‘His frigate served initially as a troopship in the 1801 operations, before assuming the role of a hospital ship.’
    • ‘He was transferred to the hospital ship, then invalided out of the Navy.’
    • ‘After junior posts at the London, Joe saw wartime service as a surgeon in the navy where he was in charge of laboratories in hospitals and a hospital ship.’
    • ‘One of the worst incidents happened just after 4am on 14 May 1943, when an Imperial Japanese submarine torpedoed the Australian hospital ship, Centaur.’
    • ‘You do not need all the decision-makers or intelligence functions on the hospital ship, but they need to be able, in the time of crisis, be able to reach out and touch the experts wherever they are around the world.’
    • ‘An American hospital ship paid a brief call to the South Coast - and instantly doubled the number of medical beds in its host city.’
    • ‘The main hospital ship SS Uganda remained in the area of conflict and as life-saving surgery had to be done on board nurses needed to be trained for a war role.’
    • ‘About five hours after their rescue, six were brought to a hospital; the seventh was kept aboard a hospital ship for unspecified reasons.’
    • ‘Relatives of crewmen trapped on board the Kursk have been arriving at the military port of Severomorsk where they are being looked after on a hospital ship as they wait for news of their loved ones.’
    • ‘The US, continuing to beef up its forces in the Gulf, said a giant hospital ship equipped to treat wounded soldiers would set sail for an undisclosed location in the Indian Ocean yesterday.’
    • ‘The task force will provide rescue teams and medical evacuation units, a hospital ship and disaster-response equipment.’
    • ‘The underway replenishment ship Success helped sustain the force by conducting replenishment operations with coalition ships, including the USN hospital ship USS Comfort.’
    • ‘The company announced last week it had won a contract worth £10 million to convert a Danish ferry into a hospital ship.’
    • ‘A hospital ship of the Indian Navy is engaged in the relief operations in the town.’
    • ‘Many were quickly transferred to medical facilities ashore for initial care, prior to transfer to the hospital ship Uganda.’
    • ‘Our plan for the next day is to dive the Letitia, a 5764 ton passenger liner converted to a hospital ship.’
    • ‘Iris got sicker and sicker, until finally she was put on a hospital ship bound for New Zealand.’
    • ‘The Navy hospital ship was pierside in New York City to support relief efforts after the terrorist attack of Sept.11.’