Definition of hospital pass in English:

hospital pass

(also hospital ball)


  • (in football) a pass to a player likely to be tackled heavily as soon as the ball is received.

    • ‘The rumour was that he could not get out of the chair quickly enough, so I am quite pleased to see him sitting there; the perception we have in New Zealand First is that he passed his colleague a hospital pass.’
    • ‘The European Presidency could prove a hospital pass for the Government.’
    • ‘He did not have anything to do with this bill, but that is not his fault because he only recently got the hospital pass when Roger Sowry decided to depart from the House.’
    • ‘Who would want to be handed a hospital pass like that?’
    • ‘Bondy accepted the hospital pass, and the rest is history.’
    • ‘Mr Flynn, the country's leading private industrial relations mediator, has been handed something of a hospital pass by the Government.’
    • ‘With the security budget already over three times that of Sydney, being awarded this Olympics was akin to a hospital pass with pack of Wallaby forwards charging straight at you.’
    • ‘He threw me a real hospital pass towards the end.’
    • ‘In 1984, AIB nicely side-stepped the problem, giving the Government a hospital pass by landing ICI and its debts of at least £120m neatly into the State's hands.’
    • ‘‘Managing the Jags,’ said Tom, ‘could be a hospital pass or an amazing opportunity for enhancement.’’
    • ‘Asking the Frenchman to begin his coaching career at a high-profile club in the throes of decline was the boardroom equivalent of a hospital pass.’
    • ‘A couple of winters back, he was on the end of one of the worst hospital passes in New Zealand rugby.’
    • ‘Ever since he took over the ‘Angola’ health seat vacated so gratefully by Brian Cowan, Minister Miceal Martin has been receiving what in rugby terms would be described as ‘hospital passes’.’
    • ‘The Pop Stand choir was eerily silent with the dominant sound that of chewed fingernails as handling errors, hospital passes and forced kicks stifled any attempts at rugby.’
    • ‘If this was not such a serious piece of legislation I could almost feel sorry for the Minister in the chair, the Hon Paul Swain, because he got the hospital pass.’
    • ‘Cole makes nifty use of a hospital ball from Beckham, evading a couple of challenges and nearly releasing Owen, who is marginally offside.’
    • ‘It is fair to say that Mr Benson-Pope probably had thrown to him the biggest hospital pass we have seen in a long, long time.’
    • ‘I guess what I would say about it is this: that the Labor Party is giving the Liberal Party a hospital pass and we've got Malcolm Turnbull.’
    • ‘National will be supporting the bill to the select committee, but I think that Dr Cullen had a bit of a hospital pass there.’
    • ‘I guess that the extent of the problem is such that as we become more and more aware of it, those Ministers are very quick to give the hospital pass to one of their poor, unsuspecting colleagues.’


hospital pass