Definition of hospital corners in English:

hospital corners

plural noun

  • Overlapping folds used to tuck sheets neatly and securely under the mattress at the corners, in a manner typically used by nurses.

    ‘I can do hospital corners’
    • ‘And, worst case, it can't hurt to learn how to fold proper hospital corners on a mattress with flat sheets.’
    • ‘And the grey sky, endless bulging cloud, tucks itself behind each building with unruffled hospital corners, no cracks.’
    • ‘I was a porter, she was a chambermaid and she never had far to look for help with those hospital corners.’
    • ‘I like crawling naked into my own clean sheeted, perfectly made bed (I do hospital corners as well as smut) and having a nap still smelling like men's cologne.’
    • ‘‘It's like an apartment,’ said Lori, pulling tight hospital corners into her sheets.’
    • ‘But why are you so sure I can't get our Nurse Carlson to turn down my bed and show me how to make hospital corners with her?’
    • ‘She also has to get up at 6.30 am, make her bed with hospital corners, have her uniform inspected by the fearsome matron before going to breakfast where she is refusing to eat porridge.’
    • ‘A beautifully presented parcel, complete with ribbons, bows and hospital corners will win you Brownie points in abundance.’
    • ‘Some readers may recall the glorious moment when they realized you don't actually have to use hospital corners when making the bed.’
    • ‘Turning, she smoothed the barely rumpled covers and made her bed with hospital corners that her mother had expected and would have been proud of.’
    • ‘Reading Asylum, with its very similar set-up, was like a process of entrapment, culminating in the snapping down of hospital corners in its exquisite final sentences - pinning the essence of the novel down, right on top of the reader.’


hospital corners