Definition of hosepipe in English:



  • A flexible tube conveying water, used chiefly for watering plants.

    Also called hose (sense 1 of the noun)
    • ‘The growing demand for dishwashers, washing machines, increased personal hygiene and hosepipes lead water planners to blame demand growth on us all as individuals.’
    • ‘But his disgruntled neighbour filled the hole with cement and magistrates viewing CCTV footage from a camera set up by Mr Moore saw the two men armed with hosepipes facing each other across the dividing line.’
    • ‘Their solution was to have Cumbria fire service just out of shot squirting hosepipes high in the air so it would fall the right way on Hopkins who was standing looking miserable up to his thighs in the lake.’
    • ‘Staff members provided a fun-filled morning, patiently supervising our toddlers as they sprayed water from a hosepipe, pretended to drive the fire engine and activated the siren.’
    • ‘This morning I discovered that my broccoli plants are still being chomped by caterpillars, so I devised a new method of control and blasted them all off with the hosepipe.’
    • ‘Have you ever put your finger over the end of a hosepipe to make it spray?’
    • ‘These include some very sensible measures such as to shower rather than bathe and to use buckets rather than hosepipes when washing cars.’
    • ‘Firefighters were called out at 4.40 pm and a hosepipe was connected across the main road to a water main as firefighters succeeded in preventing the blaze from spreading to nearby disused buildings.’
    • ‘Amazingly, he sat still while I gave him a shower with the hosepipe.’
    • ‘Water restrictions - banning the use of sprinklers and unattended hosepipes - have already been ordered by East Surrey Water and Hampshire could soon be forced to follow suit.’
    • ‘The car owner brings out a hosepipe turns on the tap and hundreds of litres of clean water is wasted.’
    • ‘The borough's water supplier Sutton and East Surrey Water banned the use of sprinklers and unattended hosepipes in April as a precautionary measure.’
    • ‘Wielding knives, wearing gloves and waving hosepipes, they carefully kill and clean tuna fish for the freezer.’
    • ‘He then took an overdose of his prescribed drugs on January 15 2003 and, on an unknown date, attached a hosepipe to his car.’
    • ‘The best control measure is to spray the water lilies with jets of water from a hosepipe - this will dislodge the aphids and knock them into the pond for the fish and other wildlife to eat.’
    • ‘A Leeds inquest heard yesterday that the pair had been travelling around the country, and just a day before their deaths had borrowed a hosepipe from Graham's mother, which they used to fix to the car's exhaust.’
    • ‘Firefighters in Benhill Wood Road used hosepipes to cool down the cylinders.’
    • ‘The Environment Agency has advised people to start acting ‘water wise’ by taking showers instead of baths and avoiding hosepipes and car washing, but have stressed the problem is more acute in the south east.’
    • ‘She was pursued by police officers but was able to escape, thanks to supporters who turned hosepipes on the police and created a diversion for her.’
    • ‘A primary school headteacher was found dead in his car with a hosepipe attached to the exhaust, days after being quizzed about indecent photographs, it emerged yesterday.’